Collection: Pendulums

With our natural stone divinatory pendulums , find the answers to your questions and fill your life with good energies.

Whether you are a dowser , therapist or simply keen on esotericism , you will undoubtedly find the pendulum that suits you in our vast collection. Rose quartz, labradorite, black obsidian and even tiger's eye are among the gems offered.

But first of all, a few words about our pendulums , their powers and their use...

How to use a divining pendulum?

An object as elegant as it is mysterious animated by a hypnotic gyrating movement... How does the pendulum work, this esoteric object used for centuries, both for healing and for divinatory practice ?

The principle is quite simple. The pendulum consists of a weight, usually made of natural stone or brass, hung on a chain. The swinging or rotating movement of the pendulum is supposed to translate a message from the subconscious , or to give information on the energies present.

We can thus use a mineral pendulum to ask questions on a specific subject, for a magnetism session, to evaluate the vibration rate of a place, to carry out research on a map, or even in addition to a divinatory practice such as the tarot .

How to hold your pendulum?

An easy method, ideal for beginners, is to simply hold the pendulum chain between your thumb and index finger. Take a deep breath while trying to stay as still as possible, then ask your pendulum a closed question, i.e. one requiring a “Yes/No” response. Let it move. The pendulum can then perform a swinging movement or oscillations.

The direction of rotation or pendulum should correspond to an answer. For example, clockwise movement means "Yes", while counterclockwise movement means "No". In all cases, let your intuition and your feelings guide you when using the pendulum .

Once you're done, all you have to do is purify the pendulum and recharge it before the next use.

A high quality natural stone divinatory pendulum

At Karma Yoga Shop, we do everything we can to offer you mineral and semi-precious stone lithotherapy products of the best possible quality. With the help of our expert gemologist, we select premium crystals with certified authenticity, vibrating with beneficial energies.

Our pendulums are thus made of a stone with preserved beauty and vibrations, for optimal use in divination , dowsing or for therapeutic purposes.

As you know, each gem has its particular vibration. Also, to make the right choice from our collection, ask yourself about the future application of your object, and trust your feelings.

For example, a rock crystal pendulum will be more suitable for energy purification work or a Reiki session. Aventurine, stone of abundance and luck, will make an ideal pendulum for any question related to your enrichment, whether material or personal.

A rhodonite pendulum will support you in healing your inner wounds, while an amethyst pendulum will be an excellent ally for any clairvoyance exercise or to connect to your intuition.

As each stone stimulates one or more chakras in particular, you can also choose your stone according to the energy center on which you wish to work. Opt for a red jasper pendulum for vibrational work on the root chakra, amazonite for the throat chakra, or sodalite for the third eye chakra.

So, are you ready to navigate the mystical world of divination and magnetism ? Browse our collection of natural stone divinatory pendulums ...

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