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“Divine Light” Moonstone and 925 Silver Ring

“Divine Light” Moonstone and 925 Silver Ring

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Let yourself be enchanted by the enchanting elegance of this moonstone and 925 silver ring .

With its mystical aura, it will awaken your intuition and your sensitivity , while promoting emotional balance.

Moonstone is particularly appreciated for its soothing properties. A true talisman, it helps to harmonize the emotions and strengthens the intuition of its wearer. By wearing this moonstone ring, you will be more in tune with your emotions and feelings.

Associated with femininity and softness, moonstone is also nicknamed the “stone of dreamers” because it promotes creativity and imagination .

Known for its connections with the moon and its cycles, moonstone is ideal for strengthening your connection with lunar energies. Linked to the third eye chakra and the sacral chakra, it stimulates intuitive faculties and helps with decision-making .

By helping you understand a situation and see things as they are, she is excellent at making decisions aligned with your development .

Perfect for meditation, this moonstone ring will help you stay grounded and centered. It wards off disruptive energies and helps you stay connected to the Earth even during intense meditation.

A crystal of balance and regeneration, moonstone allows you to recover your energies after a difficult period. Promoting the release of tensions, it will give way to joy and inner peace.

Ideal for balancing personal energies, moonstone helps you vibrate at a high frequency, and thus attract positive circumstances to you.

Wear this moonstone ring to stimulate creative energy: its action on your hands will allow you to bring all your ideas to life.

Made of 925 silver, this ring facilitates the circulation of the energies of the moonstone.

Your ring is adjustable and available in 2 sizes; you are assured that it will fit you perfectly, and can choose which finger to wear it on.


  • Composition: 925 Silver ring
  • Stone: Moonstone (peristerite)
  • Size: 2 sizes to choose from, small from 4.5 to 7 and large from 6 to 9

💍 Ring Size Guide

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