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“Feminine Powers” ​​Ring in Moonstone and 925 Silver

“Feminine Powers” ​​Ring in Moonstone and 925 Silver

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Connect with your feminine energy with this superb moonstone and 925 silver ring.

Moonstone is a meditation stone, emitting a vibration of total serenity, like the tranquil face of our nocturnal star.

Its calming energy is perfect for calming anger and other difficult emotions, such as anxiety or depression. So wear this moonstone ring if you are anxious by nature, or if you frequently find yourself in stressful circumstances.

Vibrating with feminine and maternal energy, moonstone brings tenderness and balance to relationships, particularly family ones. By wearing this ring, you will be able to show compassion, gentleness and patience with your loved ones.

Stone of future projects and ideas in the making, moonstone is also conducive to renewal. It encourages inventiveness by inviting its wearer to draw on their imagination.

As a stone of the Feminine , moonstone promotes fertility. It is also conducive to pregnancy and harmonious childbirth. Surround yourself with moonstone to harmonize hormonal imbalances, calm painful periods or overcome the difficulties linked to menopause.

On a subtle level, moonstone promotes clairvoyance and precognition . It also facilitates lucid dreaming and understanding dreams.


  • Composition: 925 Silver ring
  • Stones: Moonstone (Peristerite)
  • Size: 2 sizes to choose from, small from 4.5 to 7 and large from 6 to 9

💍 Ring Size Guide

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