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“Serenity and Self-Confidence” ring in natural topaz and 925 silver

“Serenity and Self-Confidence” ring in natural topaz and 925 silver

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Adorn yourself with a celestial aura thanks to this superb adjustable ring in blue topaz and 925 silver .

Coming in many shades and colors, topaz is above all a crystal of cosmic forces . For thousands of years it has reminded human beings that they are protected and guided by higher forces.

Blue topaz, more specifically, includes many powers. It is first and foremost a stone of knowledge . Thus, it strengthens intellectual abilities, such as concentration and memory. She is also an ally for those who are pursuing an apprenticeship , in any field.

Your blue topaz and 925 silver ring will therefore be the perfect piece of jewelry if you are taking training. Even if you don't study a particular discipline, blue topaz will guide you into the most beautiful school, that of life! With it, in fact, you will be able to draw fruitful lessons from your experiences.

Blue topaz is also excellent for stimulating creativity. With its action on the throat chakra, the center of communication and self-expression, it will help you exercise your creative mind . Whether you are a musician, baker or teacher, it will also help you translate and express your ideas efficiently and accurately.

On an emotional level, the calming energies of blue topaz will be fantastic for reducing stress , especially when it is linked to self-expression. Wear this blue topaz and 925 silver ring before a performance or oral presentation, for example. She will give you the dose of confidence you need and focus you to give a brilliant performance.

The ring is notably made of 925 silver. This metal allows the stone to fully release its energy.

This ring is adjustable and available in 2 sizes; so you can rest assured that it will fit you perfectly and you can choose which finger to wear it on.


  • Composition: 925 Silver ring
  • Stone: Blue Topaz
  • Size: 2 sizes to choose from, small from 4.5 to 7 and large from 6 to 9

💍 Ring Size Guide

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