Green Aventurine massage stick

Green Aventurine massage stick

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If you are looking for a massage stick that promotes calming , balance and success , this green aventurine massage stick will completely satisfy you.

Green aventurine has a very significant anti-stress power. It can help nervous people and those who have difficulty controlling their emotions and anger, by allowing them to take a step back from what they are experiencing .

Green Aventurine is a very powerful lucky stone. It brings success and wealth. It allows you to evolve and abandon obsolete thought patterns that could disrupt your freedom to think and act . Indeed, this stone is reputed to bring clairvoyance : with its help, you regain control of your choices, perceive things as they are outside of illusions . It thus promotes self-knowledge.

Green aventurine acts in particular on the heart chakra , which governs emotions. It helps you feel love and compassion; it promotes harmonious relationships, tolerance, acceptance and openness .

This stone has many virtues, in particular to relieve skin problems, problems related to the liver, eyes and heart . It is known to relieve nausea in pregnant women and help children grow . Green aventurine also relieves pain related to teething in infants.

And to enrich your well-being session, also include the yoni egg, a fantastic ally for total relaxation and fulfilled sexuality.


  • Stone: Green Aventurine
  • Dimensions: 10 x 2 cm
  • Weight: 100g

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