Black Obsidian Massage Stick

Black Obsidian Massage Stick

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If you are looking for a powerful massage stick , which has protective and transformative powers, you will love working with this black obsidian stick.

Obsidian, a black and glassy volcanic stone, is considered a stone of truth, which can manifest your dark side to allow you to access the light .

Obsidian is renowned for its protective powers: it acts as a shield against negative external influences and helps combat dark and demeaning ideas . It promotes relaxation and protects against stress.

This volcanic stone has a warming and comforting effect , so it is particularly suitable for practicing massages. It also energizes the body and mind and strengthens your energy flow.

Obsidian is believed to have the power to relieve many ailments: joint pain, cramps and muscle tension . It would have purifying power, improve the quality of the skin and promote healing . It would help good digestion and relieve menstrual pain .

Associated with the root chakra, black obsidian helps to ground oneself, it helps to act with pragmatism and confidence . Obsidian allows you to free yourself from negative projections and fears and helps to overcome trauma and emotional blockages .

This massage stick is very versatile: the tip can be used to put pressure on acupuncture points and the other end, rounder like a ball, on areas to be massaged to dissolve tension. You can use this stick for shiatsu or reflexology massages.

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  • Stone: Black obsidian
  • Dimensions 2 x 10 cm
  • Weight: 85g

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