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Tiger Eye Massage Stick

Tiger Eye Massage Stick

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The tiger's eye massage stick is ideal if you are looking for a massage stick with relaxing and balancing powers . Tiger's eye is a stone from the quartz family, prized for the chatoyancy of its yellow and brown colors which are reminiscent of the eye of a feline and for its iridescence which makes each stone unique.

Tiger's Eye brings you comfort when you feel alone or discouraged; This tiger's eye massage stick wards off feelings of despondency, fear and depression. Tiger's eye acts in particular on the 3rd chakra which regulates emotions. This stone promotes optimism and self-confidence, it allows you to improve your friendly or romantic relationships, it helps you communicate and allows you to remove emotional blockages that prevent you from moving forward.

Tiger's eye helps balance your yin and yang energies and the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Tiger's eye also acts on the root chakra and helps you ground yourself and find calm.

This massage stick is very versatile. The tip can be used to put pressure on acupuncture points and the other end, rounder like a ball, on areas to be massaged to dissolve tension. You can use this stick for shiatsu or reflexology massages.

And in your well-being routine, don't forget the yoni egg, a fantastic ally of self-love, with many virtues. Its use helps to relieve tension and promotes good sexual health.


  • Stone: Tiger's Eye
  • Weight: 100g
  • Dimensions: 2 x 10 cm

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