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Rhodonite massage stick

Rhodonite massage stick

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Boost your well-being routine with this rhodonite massage stick .

Rhodonite is renowned as a stone of the heart and emotional healing.

Compassionate and gentle, it facilitates the release of psychological and emotional tensions lodged in the body. She is called upon in particular to recover from a difficult experience, such as a breakup.

If you are in a healing period, use this rhodonite massage stick to help you release blocked emotions.

Regular massage of the thoracic region, where the heart center is located, will facilitate emotional release. Then allow yourself to fully experience these feelings, whether by crying or confiding in a loved one.

Also use this rhodonite massage stick to find your inner peace . The comforting vibration of rhodonite , combined with the relaxing action of massage, will have a profoundly beneficial effect on stress and anxiety .

Finally, massage yourself regularly with this rhodonite massage stick to regain your natural joy .

So in contact with your skin, the rhodonite will speak directly to your heart, reminding it of what makes it vibrate... When performing the massage, let yourself be guided by the pink and black stone: what gives you the most satisfaction in life ? What activity makes you lose track of time?

The bonus? Chances are that what truly nourishes you will also benefit others!

For your well-being routine, don't forget the yoni egg, your ally for good sexual health and an excellent relaxation partner...

Your massage stick doesn't look exactly like the one we're showing you? Don't worry, each stone is unique and its appearance may therefore vary.


  • Stone: Rhodonite
  • Weight: 120g
  • Dimensions: 2 x 10 cm

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