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Box of 8 Palo Santo Sticks - Superior Quality

Box of 8 Palo Santo Sticks - Superior Quality

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Purify your space and fill it with positive energies with our Palo Santo sticks. This box contains eight premium Palo Santo sticks.

The Origin of Palo Santo

Palo Santo, or "sacred wood", has been used for millennia by the indigenous peoples of South America for its purifying and soothing properties. It is often burned in purification rituals to cleanse negative energies from a person, object or place, and to attract protection and blessing from deities .

The Benefits of Palo Santo

Palo Santo is known to ward off bad vibrations and malevolent spirits . It neutralizes negative energies present in a person's aura, while strengthening their natural energy barriers. It envelops you with its protective and soothing energy .

On a physical level, Palo Santo is known for its purifying properties. It helps fight harmful microbes and bacteria. On a mental and emotional level, it soothes stress, clarifies thoughts and helps find inner peace.

Palo Santo smoke is also an excellent source of negative ions. These negatively charged particles, abundant in natural spaces such as forests or beaches, contribute to vibrational harmony by counterbalancing the positive ions produced by our modern lifestyle.

By burning a Palo Santo stick, you invite the beneficial energies of Mother Nature into your home. Walking through your living room will become as relaxing and regenerating as a walk in the forest!

How to Use Palo Santo for Purification?

To properly use your Palo Santo stick, start by opening a window or door to allow the smoke and negative energies captured by it to escape.

Light the end of your stick, then wait for it to go out. You can also blow gently on it to extinguish the flame and make the wood redden, which will release more smoke. Walk slowly around the space, person, or object you wish to cleanse, keeping your intentions in mind.

Once your purification is complete, crush the end of the Palo Santo stick in a suitable medium, making sure to extinguish it well. You can use it this way many times.

Never leave a lit Palo Santo stick unattended. Store your poles in a dry place after use

Where to Buy the Best Palo Santo, Authentic and Quality?

Our Palo Santo sticks are not just ordinary products that you can find everywhere in the market. They represent a unique alliance between superior quality, environmental ethics and social responsibility . Every Palo Santo stick you purchase contributes directly to protecting Ecuador's Palo Santo forests and supporting the local community .

Unlike many other providers, we work closely with a company dedicated to conserving Palo Santo forests . They are not only committed to preserving this precious natural resource, but also to creating lasting wealth for the community of Puerto Lopez, Ecuador. Therefore, every purchase of our Palo Santo sticks directly supports these important efforts.

We also stand out in the way our Palo Santo sticks are harvested. Each stick is harvested ethically and sustainably , with the utmost respect for the nature and resources of Palo Santo. No pesticides are used in the process, ensuring that each stick is 100% organic . This respect for the environment translates into exceptional quality that you can not only smell, but also see and touch.

By choosing our Palo Santo sticks, you are making a conscious choice for a product that not only enhances your personal well-being, but also contributes to a greater cause. You are choosing unparalleled quality, responsible harvesting and direct support for a community that depends on the Palo Santo Forest for its livelihood.

So, if you're wondering where to buy real, quality Palo Santo , look no further. Our Palo Santo sticks offer the best experience, in every way. Experience the difference today and support an initiative that makes a real difference to the environment and the people who depend on it.


  • Weight of the box: +/- 60 gr
  • Weight of a stick: +/- 7 gr
  • Length of a stick: +/- 10 cm
  • Box of 8 sticks

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