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“Lucidity and Power” earrings in Kyanite and 925 Silver

“Lucidity and Power” earrings in Kyanite and 925 Silver

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You will be seduced by the deep beauty of the magnificent kyanite stones of these dangling earrings . You appreciate their fine and original design, their finesse of execution and the quality of the 925 silver that makes them up.

These earrings bring you a feeling of deep lucidity and power thanks to the vibrations that emanate from their stones.

Kyanite gets its name from the cyan color. It is renowned for its very high vibrations and its soothing virtues . It helps you elevate your spirituality and soothe your soul.

Kyanite is a stone that brings calm and balance, especially after shock or trauma. It helps to free oneself from the influence of the past. It is a very effective protective stone and helps protect against stress and negative energies.

It gives you self-confidence and helps you in your daily life to overcome difficulties and find solutions.

It is a stone that brings you clairvoyance, it helps you confront reality, discern the truth and make good decisions . It acts in particular on the 3rd eye chakra, the throat chakra and the heart chakra.

It is also renowned for its purifying properties and many virtues are attributed to it: it facilitates healing, has antiseptic power and regulates blood pressure.


  • Stone: Kyanite
  • Material: 925 silver
  • Size: 3.5cm
  • Weight: approximately 14g

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