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Larimar and 925 Silver Earrings

Larimar and 925 Silver Earrings

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Invoke the beneficial presence of the oceans with these stunning larimar and 925 silver earrings .

With its sky blue surface covered with white reflections, larimar recalls the warm and calm waters of a lagoon. Like a window onto its native tropics, it instantly transports us to a paradise beach, where the worries of everyday life are forgotten.

Nicknamed the “Stone of Atlantis”, larimar crystallizes the enveloping energies of water and seas . Its presence alone is enough to soothe an agitated mind or a strong emotional crisis .

Also, first wear these larimar and 925 silver earrings to pacify intense emotions . Born from the fire of volcanoes before cooling to take its final form, larimar does not fear burning energies. He will therefore know perfectly how to calm the blaze of anger or burning fear.

Raised to your ears, larimar will whisper sweet words of calm , even in stressful circumstances. Its vibration will resonate into your cells to restore balance and calm to all levels.

Stone of water, larimar is an excellent support of the feminine and intuitive qualities in each of us. Also, you can ask for it to connect you to your inner guidance , which directs you even in unclear circumstances. With this crystal, you will learn to navigate the uncertain waters of life by trusting your intuition .

Also invite larimar into your morning meditation . It will connect you to your inner peace , or to the therapeutic energy of the oceans, to promote healing and well-being.

Dreamy and imaginative, let larimar also inspire you with new ideas. Its action on the throat chakra will help you express your creativity with ease, beyond your inner barriers.

Furthermore, know that the 925 silver of this jewel facilitates the circulation of the energy of larimar . An asset that is both aesthetic and vibrational!

At Karma Yoga Shop, we want to offer you the best products while preserving the planet and its inhabitants.

This is why we work with suppliers who are both passionate about lithotherapy and adopt an ethical approach on a human and environmental level. From making the jewelry to shipping, including packaging, we ensure that we have quality/ethical control over the entire chain followed by our products.


  • Pierre: Larimar
  • Material: 925 silver
  • Weight: approximately 17 g
  • Dimensions: approximately 2.6 cm in length by 1 cm in width
  • Dimensions of the stone: approximately 1 x 1 cm

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