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“Divine Love” earrings in Morganite and 925 Silver

“Divine Love” earrings in Morganite and 925 Silver

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Wear these superb morganite and 925 silver earrings , and tint your life with the pink of unconditional love...

Morganite is a fantastic heart stone. Supporting this center of compassion, it is ideal for finding comfort in times of crisis. Also, if you are going through a difficult phase, wearing these morganite earrings will help you feel supported at all times.

Worn regularly as jewelry, morganite helps in particular to deal with difficult emotions , such as sadness or anger. It promotes the release of these emotions through gentle methods, such as writing in a diary or consulting a therapist.

Comforting like a friend, morganite will accompany you in stressful moments to stay calm and confident . Its pink waves, soft as velvet, will apply to your anxiety and stress and will gradually release inner tensions .

A stone of divine love, strengthening love in all its forms, morganite is excellent for cultivating balanced relationships . With your partner or members of your family, you will favor opening your heart by showing patience and tenderness.

Driven by the nurturing forces of your heart chakra , you will naturally want to bring the best of yourself to your loved ones . For example, you might be inspired to please them with sweet words, thoughtful gestures or small gifts!

Overall, these morganite earrings will help you cultivate harmonious interactions with your environment . Indeed, the heart chakra is the center of right relationships with the outside world. Balanced by morganite , it encourages you to define your limits while remaining open to others.

These morganite earrings are made from 925 silver, a high quality metal that facilitates the circulation of energies. Thus, morganite can easily deploy its therapeutic powers throughout your being.

The jewelry also features a black stone called aegirine. This crystal, linked to the 3rd eye chakra and the root chakra , will awaken your extrasensory abilities, while strengthening your rigor and your pragmatic mind. This energy will perfectly complement that of morganite to help you stay relaxed and confident in all circumstances.


  • Stone: Morganite
  • Material: 925 silver
  • Weight: approximately 3 g
  • Size: approximately 3 cm

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