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“Forces du Ciel” earrings in natural topaz and 925 silver

“Forces du Ciel” earrings in natural topaz and 925 silver

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Adorn yourself with a veil of celestial energy, with these superb earrings in natural topaz and 925 silver.

Whatever its color, topaz is a crystal of celestial forces . It has always accompanied human beings on their earthly path by channeling for them the protective and luminous energies of Heaven.

The blue topaz, which makes up these earrings, is recognized for its multiple virtues.

With its light blue aura, it corresponds to the upper chakras, and it is a stone of spirit and knowledge . It is fantastic for strengthening intellectual abilities, and supports anyone undertaking an apprenticeship. So wear these blue topaz and 925 silver earrings if you are in training, whatever the field. She will help you understand and assimilate the information.

Furthermore, blue topaz is perfect for increasing creativity. With its powerful action on the throat chakra, the place of self-expression, it will help you cultivate and express your inventiveness in any discipline. It will also streamline your thoughts and help you express yourself authentically.

On an emotional level, the tranquilizing vibrations of blue topaz reduce stress and anxiety , particularly related to oral expression. So wear these blue topaz and 925 silver earrings for any oral presentation or performance. It will give you confidence and support your expression, whether oral, musical, theatrical or dance.


  • Stone: Blue Topaz
  • Material: 925 silver
  • Weight of the stone: 0.6 grams
  • Weight of the earrings: 1.5 grams

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