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“Energy of Mother Nature” Earrings in Raw Geode and 925 Silver

“Energy of Mother Nature” Earrings in Raw Geode and 925 Silver

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Wear these stunning raw geode and 925 silver earrings for a natural and authentic look.

True jewels of Mother Nature, geodes are completely fascinating mineral formations. With their thousands of sparkles and their numerous hues, they charm the eyes as much as they heal the heart.

Raw geodes are bridges between the physical world and the subtle energies of Mother Nature . Vibrating with powerful energy, they connect anyone who wishes to the invisible dimensions that coexist with us, here below. In their presence, for example, we can thus connect to the presence of the beings of Nature , these protectors of the natural worlds.

By wearing these earrings made of small geodes , you will have constant access to the subtle entities around you and their guidance. This, whether they are elementals or your guides.

Soothing and regenerating , geodes are also very good supports for physical and emotional healing . With them, it is easier to free yourself from negative emotions and heal the wounds of the past.

So wear this jewel as part of therapeutic work aimed at healing your childhood traumas . Little by little, your inner torments will give way to joy and inner peace .

These geode earrings will also support your entire body and will notably stimulate the detoxification process . Concave, geodes are also good supports for hollow organs , such as the lungs or the uterus.

At Karma Yoga Shop, our products are designed with respect for human beings and the environment. Thus, we prioritize ethics as much as quality for all our jewelry.


  • Stone: Raw geode
  • Material: 925 silver
  • Weight: approximately 16 g
  • Dimensions of the pendant : 3 cm

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