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“Power and Femininity” earrings in Moonstone and 925 Silver

“Power and Femininity” earrings in Moonstone and 925 Silver

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Thanks to their elegance and the power of their 12 assembled rainbow moonstones , these chandelier earrings will seduce you.
They are ideal if you are looking for a sophisticated and powerful piece of jewelry to bring you softness, guidance and to allow you to embrace your femininity.

Rainbow moonstone is renowned for its inspiring beauty and calming powers . It is also found under the names of white labradorite or peristerite. This is a different stone from moonstone , which has a milkier and less shiny appearance. Most jewelry is made with rainbow moonstones (sometimes this is not specified), as their shinier appearance lends itself better to jewelry making.

This stone, just like the moonstone, is associated with the feminine : it helps everyone, men and women, to welcome the part of femininity that they carry. It helps relieve painful periods and promotes fertility.

This beautiful white stone with bluish reflections has a powerful effect on the mental level . It helps to find serenity, overcome fears and overcome trauma .

Rainbow moonstone promotes intuition and imagination and particularly benefits creators and artists. It gives you self-confidence , energizes you and helps you make good decisions . It is thus associated with the 3rd eye chakra . It promotes tolerance and openness to others.

These stones help you connect to yourself and therefore to the divine within you . They thus promote the development of spirituality and allow you to deepen your meditations and access new planes of consciousness.

The structure of these earrings is made of 925 silver, a noble and powerful metal, which increases the power of the stones tenfold. These earrings are approximately 5.4 cm in length.


  • Stone: Rainbow Moonstone
  • Material: 925 silver
  • Dimensions: approximately 5.40 cm
  • Weight: approx. 24g

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