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“Success and Serenity” earrings in Turquoise, Topaz and 925 Silver

“Success and Serenity” earrings in Turquoise, Topaz and 925 Silver

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You will love the softness and light that radiate from these earrings ! The milky appearance of mohave turquoise contrasts with the transparency of topaz to create an intense and captivating effect. These premium stones are mounted on a finely crafted 925 silver structure which highlights the beauty of the stones.

Turquoise is a calming stone that helps you flourish by finding your inner peace. Wearing these earrings allows you to get involved in new projects.

Associated with the throat chakra, it helps you communicate peacefully . It is also associated with the heart chakra and promotes warm feelings, in love and friendship. Protective stone, it transforms negative energies into positive energies.

Mohave turquoise is a turquoise native to the Mohavia Desert, Arizona, that has been heated to highlight its colors and enhance its brilliance. It has the same properties as a classic topaz.

Topaz is a stone that brings abundance and success . Blue topaz in particular is associated with spirituality and the divine. It promotes clairvoyance and helps you discern what is good for you. Wearing these earrings promotes your self-confidence and your ability to develop complex thinking. Blue topaz has a reputation for promoting dialogue, communication and friendships . It is believed to have very powerful soothing powers and would help combat insomnia.

Thus, you will benefit from the synergy of these two stones which bring you calm, lucidity and self-confidence . The 925 silver which constitutes the structure of these earrings allows the stones to release all their power. Indeed, it is a noble, soothing, antiseptic metal, which has the power to strengthen the energy of stones.


  • Stones: Mohave turquoise (main stone) and topaz (secondary stone)
  • Material: 925 silver
  • Dimensions: approximately 4 cm
  • Weight: approximately 31 g

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