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“Voie du Coeur” Earrings in Ruby Zoisite and 925 Silver

“Voie du Coeur” Earrings in Ruby Zoisite and 925 Silver

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Wear these adorable ruby ​​zoisite and 925 silver dangling earrings to develop the intelligence of the heart.

A blend of ruby ​​and green zoisite, ruby ​​zoisite is a superb mineral cocktail that delights the eyes as much as the soul.

This green and red to bright pink crystal can be used for many applications. Wear these pretty ruby ​​zoisite and silver earrings to both enrich your perception and cultivate your compassion.

Promoting the development of neural pathways between the brain and the heart, ruby ​​zoisite is particularly useful for opening and coordinating these two centers of intelligence.

These earrings will not only add a pretty colorful touch to your style! They will help you operate with your rational mind as much as with your feelings .

Thus, ruby ​​zoisite will be a wonderful support for better understanding a situation, an event or even those around you. With this stone at your side, you will indeed adopt a more complex and complete perspective , which takes into account objective data as well as the emotional and more subtle aspects.

This crystal will promote empathy by helping you better understand your loved ones, by perceiving both their cognitive point of view and their emotional feelings. Understanding of this depth will only strengthen your connection with your family, friends or partner.

Additionally, as a heart chakra stone, soothing Ruby Zoisite will encourage gentleness and tenderness in your every interaction.

Furthermore, stimulating extrasensory abilities, ruby ​​zoisite will further enrich your perception by making you see things beyond appearances. In his presence, you will therefore be able to make all your decisions based on your reason, your heart and your intuition. The ideal combo to choose a happy path, aligned with your happiness!

These pretty earrings are made of 925 silver, a high quality metal which promotes the diffusion of the energies of ruby ​​zoisite. They also include a small garnet bead , a root chakra stone which promotes grounding and vitality.

Please note that Karma Yoga Shop strives to offer you products that are both qualitative and ethical. With this in mind, we work with suppliers driven by a love of lithotherapy, but also of the Earth and human beings. With our partners as with us, respect and kindness are the watchwords!


  • Stone: Ruby Zoisite
  • Material: 925 Silver
  • Weight: approximately 30 g
  • Dimensions: approximately 4.6 cm

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