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“Pur Amour” bracelet in raw Pink Morganite and 925 Silver

“Pur Amour” bracelet in raw Pink Morganite and 925 Silver

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Wear this bracelet and let yourself be overwhelmed by a wave of love and peace .

This piece of jewelry in pink morganite and 925 silver seduces with the softness and beauty of the stones that compose it.

The raw stones in this bracelet are natural and therefore have more strength and personality than stones worked by man. These pink morganites communicate calm and happiness to you and allow you in turn to express your love .

This piece of jewelry is the ideal gift to show your attachment . Worn on the wrist, it will surround the loved one of your heart with an aura of softness and well-being .

By promoting the expression of feelings , this bracelet can also help ardent personalities not to lose their temper and resist anger.

Pink morganite stimulates all your chakras, especially the heart chakra. It helps you open up to others and cultivate kindness for those around you and for yourself . This jewel will be an excellent aid in your meditations.

This bracelet is made in Jaipur, India. This city is renowned throughout the world for the quality of its products and the know-how of the artisans who work there. The bracelet is made of 925 silver. This noble metal, in addition to its soothing powers for the body and mind, allows the effects of the stones to be increased tenfold.

The bracelet is adjustable and measures 18 to 20.5 cm.


  • Stone: Raw pink morganite
  • Material: 925 silver
  • Clasp: standard
  • Net weight: 23g
  • Size: 18 to 20.5 cm

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