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Obsidian and Tiger Eye Buddhist Mala Bracelet

Obsidian and Tiger Eye Buddhist Mala Bracelet

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Cultivate serenity and confidence with this obsidian and tiger's eye Buddhist mala bracelet .

This bracelet is a brand new version in even purer natural stones. It is made from obsidian , a natural volcanic stone. A few tiger's eye beads add a touch of magic to this one.

This prayer bracelet is the perfect addition to any Buddhist practice, but also to your morning meditation. Additionally, you can wear it as a bracelet or necklace.

Obsidian is a natural substance that has many applications due to its strength and durability. It is one of the most powerful stones in the mineral kingdom . It indeed contains all the rebirth and healing energy of Mother Nature. This “ energy healing ” stone will connect you to the true purpose of your existence.

Tiger's eye , for its part, is an amazing crystal that reflects light allowing yellow-gold colors to appear through it. It is a powerful stone that brings harmony and balance .

It is also a very well-known protective stone , which helps to free oneself from fears and anxiety. It helps us to be more active, mentally as well as physically, and its main work is done in the first 3 chakras.

Thus, tiger's eye stimulates the root chakra , located at the base of the spine, the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra, where its vibration plays a particularly important role.

By purifying and harmonizing these three energy centers, tiger's eye establishes a feeling of confidence in oneself and in life . It anchors the whole being to give the power to act here below, helping its owner to find solutions to their problems and to create their reality.

But also, this jewel will help you listen to the wise advice of Buddhism, and accept the things that you cannot change, in the present moment.

A powerful mala bracelet , which will encourage you to move courageously towards a life that suits you and resembles you!

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Karma Yoga Shop wants to contribute to a better world by distributing quality jewelry that respects the Earth. We adopt an ethical approach throughout our production chain.

A KYS mala bracelet is:

  1. Authentic stones : we create our pearls from raw stones, the authenticity and quality of which are carefully controlled by our expert gemologist. Wrapping a KYS bracelet around your wrist is to surround yourself with the therapeutic forces of our Mother Earth,
  2. A preserved vibration : this careful selection of stones allows them to completely retain their pure and natural vibration; their powers over body and mind are intact.
  3. Very soft materials : all the pieces such as the pendants and stoppers are created in stainless steel, the only hypo-allergenic metal that lasts over time, retaining all its shine. We have selected the best elastics, imported from Japan, for their quality fibers. Your KYS mala bracelet is durable and good for your health.
  4. A unique design : Karma Yoga Shop mala bracelets have their own energy... and their own identity! From pendants to stoppers, including our distinctive “K” engraved on a pearl, our team has designed unique pieces, markers of our values ​​and our desire to spread beauty and good energy around us,
  5. Experienced and ethical manufacturers : all our collaborators involved in the making of our jewelry are handpicked. From the start, we wanted to work with demanding and qualified manufacturers, but also driven by the same values ​​as us. So for our mala bracelets, we work with a manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in the field. Each piece of jewelry is made by hand, and always with respect for the workers, who benefit from fair working conditions and wages.


  • Stones: Obsidian, Tiger's Eye
  • Material: Elastic, Stainless steel
  • Weight: 44g
  • Dimensions: approximately 65 cm (bracelet), 6 mm (pearls)

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