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Mala bracelet "OM" of 108 Tiger Eye beads

Mala bracelet "OM" of 108 Tiger Eye beads

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This magnificent “OM” Mala Bracelet is made up of 108 Tiger Eye beads which emit a shimmering and hypnotic luminosity.

Tiger's eye is one of the main protective stones. It gives self-confidence and wards off negative energies, like a mirror reflects light. It will be particularly useful if you have difficulty making daily decisions.

On a physical level , the warm tiger's eye will relieve tensions in the solar plexus. It will also relieve stomach and intestinal pain caused by stress. Tiger's eye soothes the nerves and promotes general relaxation.

On an emotional level , a tiger's eye bracelet helps alleviate depression and circulates blocked emotions. It instills courage and dynamism, and facilitates relationships with others, especially among shy people. He is a true catalyst for evolution, both personal and spiritual.

On a spiritual level , tiger's eye balances yin and yang and charges the emotional body with energy. Combining the forces of the Sun and the Earth, it allows subtle vibrations to descend and be fully incarnated here below. It’s a true concentrate of solar energy in one mineral!

OM (or “Aum”) is the primordial vibration that is considered the most sacred sound in Hinduism and Buddhism. Thousands of years ago, Vedic seers knew what modern science has only recently discovered: everything we see in the universe consists of vibrations of energy - even objects that appear solid.

According to tradition, ancient sages were able to hear the subtle vibrations produced by everything in the universe, and they identified the sound OM as the most elemental sound in creation . In a calm environment, you can hear the Om vibration in the crash of ocean waves, in the silence of the forest, or in a gust of wind.

People have used the OM mantra since ancient times, chanting the sound or repeating it silently during meditation to develop their awareness of the divine .

Although the sound OM is considered a sacred syllable, in India, those of the Hindu faith frequently use the sound OM in daily life, starting the day, while traveling, or during an activity. The symbol is also present in all Hindu temples and shrines.

In the Western world, repeating OM at the beginning and end of yoga classes is common, and more and more people are using this sound as a mantra for meditation and sacred ceremonies.

For this bracelet, the OM symbol is engraved on a stainless steel pendant, for a piece of jewelry that lasts while preserving the skin.

This bracelet is unisex, it will appeal to both women and men. Discover all our protective bracelets !

Karma Yoga Shop is part of an ethical and quality approach. We work to create a better world by distributing quality jewelry, but also respectful of Nature and human beings.

A KYS mala bracelet is:

  1. Authentic stones : we create our pearls from raw stones, the authenticity and quality of which are carefully controlled by our expert gemologist. Wrapping a KYS bracelet around your wrist is to surround yourself with the therapeutic forces of our Mother Earth,
  2. A preserved vibration : this careful selection of stones allows them to completely retain their pure and natural vibration; their powers over body and mind are intact.
  3. Very soft materials : all the pieces such as the pendants and stoppers are created in stainless steel, the only hypo-allergenic metal that lasts over time, retaining all its shine. We have selected the best elastics, imported from Japan, for their quality fibers. Your KYS mala bracelet is durable and good for your health.
  4. A unique design : Karma Yoga Shop mala bracelets have their own energy... and their own identity! From pendants to stoppers, including our distinctive “K” engraved on a pearl, our team has designed unique pieces, markers of our values ​​and our desire to spread beauty and good energy around us,
  5. Experienced and ethical manufacturers : all our collaborators involved in the making of our jewelry are handpicked. From the start, we wanted to work with demanding and qualified manufacturers, but also driven by the same values ​​as us. So for our mala bracelets, we work with a manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in the field. Each piece of jewelry is made by hand, and always with respect for the workers, who benefit from fair working conditions and wages.


  • Stone: Tiger's Eye
  • Material: Elastic, Stainless steel
  • Weight: 20g
  • Dimensions: approximately 90cm (bracelet), 8mm (beads), 15mm (pendant)

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