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“Triple Protection” bracelet of 108 beads in Tiger Eye, Hematite and Black Obsidian

“Triple Protection” bracelet of 108 beads in Tiger Eye, Hematite and Black Obsidian

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This "Triple Protection" Bracelet in Tiger's Eye, Hematite and Black Obsidian with 108 beads will captivate you as much by its beauty as by its revitalizing energy.

This superb piece of jewelry consists of the three most powerful protective stones: tiger's eye, hematite and obsidian . The complementary and powerful energies of these three stones, combined in a single bracelet, will diffuse in you a total strengthening and galvanizing energy, which will restore your self-confidence.

This is the 108-bead version of our "Triple Protection" bracelet already available on our store, for more powerful energies!

Thus, tiger's eye is among the most famous protective stones. He gives deep self-confidence and protects its user by reflecting negative energies, like a mirror does with light.

Connected to the solar plexus chakra , it facilitates the assimilation of experiences and the evacuation of emotions, and promotes a feeling of personal power in the face of circumstances.

The tiger's eye is also an excellent ally for the undecided , because its mere presence is enough to take a sharp look at the options that present themselves. If you are faced with a difficult choice or feel overwhelmed by the possibilities, trust this stone to guide you on the right path .

Hematite , for its part, is the stone of anchoring and harmony par excellence. Connected to the root chakra, the center of the connection to the Earth, it allows you to "get back to your feet", to bring down subtle energies into matter and to feel safe on the earthly plane.

Protective and toning , hematite also gives courage , endurance and vitality . Mentally, it stimulates concentration , improves memory and sharpens analytical skills .

Fighting negative energies , the stone with metallic reflections absorbs vibrational pollution from your auric field and protects you against the negativity of others.

Finally, it promotes good sleep and good general recovery of the body .

Obsidian is a glass natural volcanic that has powerful healing properties.

It clears the psychic fog created in your aura, and it is a strong psychic protection stone . It has powerful metaphysical properties that protect against negativity and stress .

Wear this “Triple Protection” Mala Bracelet of 108 beads and you will immediately feel a feeling of inner strength and anchoring invade you. You will be armed with a real and powerful shield against any negative energy.

A KYS mala bracelet is:

  1. Authentic stones : we create our pearls from raw stones, the authenticity and quality of which are carefully controlled by our expert gemologist. Wrapping a KYS bracelet around your wrist is to surround yourself with the therapeutic forces of our Mother Earth,
  2. A preserved vibration : this careful selection of stones allows them to completely retain their pure and natural vibration; their powers over body and mind are intact.
  3. Very soft materials : all the pieces such as the pendants and stoppers are created in stainless steel, the only hypo-allergenic metal that lasts over time, retaining all its shine. We have selected the best elastics, imported from Japan, for their quality fibers. Your KYS mala bracelet is durable and good for your health.
  4. A unique design : Karma Yoga Shop mala bracelets have their own energy... and their own identity! From pendants to stoppers, including our distinctive “K” engraved on a pearl, our team has designed unique pieces, markers of our values ​​and our desire to spread beauty and good energy around us,
  5. Experienced and ethical manufacturers : all our collaborators involved in the making of our jewelry are handpicked. From the start, we wanted to work with demanding and qualified manufacturers, but also driven by the same values ​​as us. So for our mala bracelets, we work with a manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in the field. Each piece of jewelry is made by hand, and always with respect for the workers, who benefit from fair working conditions and wages.


  • Stones: Tiger's Eye, Hematite, Black Obsidian
  • Material: Stainless steel, Elastic
  • Weight: 20g
  • Dimensions: 19 cm (bracelet), 8mm (pearls)

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