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Red “Seated Buddha” ceramic incense burner

Red “Seated Buddha” ceramic incense burner

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🎁 1 box of incense of your choice FREE for each incense burner purchased! Simply add a burner to your cart + a box of incense which will be offered.

Invite a powerful energy of peace and compassion into your home with this adorable ceramic “Seated Buddha” incense burner .

The seated Buddha is the spiritual symbol par excellence, and also one of the most common across Asia. In this position, the Buddha can symbolize meditation, the teaching of spiritual and philosophical principles, or the desire to achieve enlightenment .

This pretty little statue performs the anjali mudra , or namaste mudra, position of the hands clasped in front of the heart, fingers towards the sky. The anjali mudra, present in many Eastern religions and spiritualities, is a sign of reverence and respect towards the universal divinity .

Thus, this incense burner will remind you in all circumstances that everything around you is light and love. It will invite you to recognize the sacred in everything that populates your life , but also to honor the Divine in yourself .

In red , for strength and vitality , this seated Buddha incense burner will be there to help you cultivate a life of well-being. It will be ideal to accompany you in a heart chakra meditation , or to awaken in you the forces of love, peace and healing .

The rest of the time, simply light a cone or stick of incense on one of the statuette's two incense holders, and admire the cascade of smoke delicately flowing alongside Buddha . Breathe deeply, savor the scent of the sacred smoke, and feel the serenity gradually settling within you ...


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Weight: 22g
  • Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 5 cm
  • Type of incense: Backflow cones, sticks


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