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Ceramic incense burner-Double Mains

Ceramic incense burner-Double Mains

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🎁 1 box of incense of your choice FREE for each incense burner purchased! Simply add a burner to your basket + a box of incense which will be offered.

With this “Double Hand” ceramic incense burner , invite elegance and grace into your daily life…

Each hand of this beautiful incense burner performs a specific mudra . As you may know, a mudra, a Sanskrit word meaning “seal”, is a sacred posture of the hand and fingers with particular energy and meaning . Mudra is found in different Eastern spiritual traditions, including Buddhism and Hinduism.

It can be practiced during a ritual dance , a yoga session or a meditation .

The first hand is in chin mudra , probably the most popular mudra in the West. Chin meaning “consciousness”, the chin mudra symbolizes the wish to achieve spiritual awakening through the practice of yoga and meditation . By devoting oneself diligently to these disciplines, the practitioner aims to unite the individual soul with the universal and supreme soul.

The other hand of this incense burner performs the dhyana mudra , the mudra of meditation . It invites the whole being (body, mind, soul) to immerse itself in a contemplation of the existence and divine nature of all things . On this hand also rests a lotus flower , the symbol par excellence of spiritual fulfillment and the expansion of consciousness.

With this “Double Hands” incense burner , let the energies of these mudras and sacred smoke fill your home. Watch the white smoke flow gracefully along the sculpture; feel serenity settling within you , and your consciousness opening to the sacred nature of life .


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Weight: 65g
  • Dimensions: 21 x 16.5 x 8 cm
  • Types of incense: backflow cones, sticks


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