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Ceramic incense burner “Dragon Castle”

Ceramic incense burner “Dragon Castle”

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Diffuse strong energy with this magnificent ceramic “Dragon Castle” incense burner .

A creature from myths and legends from different countries, from China to Scandinavian countries, the dragon is the most feared and the most revered in the mythical bestiary. Majestically spreading his wings and his immense body of scales in the sky, he is sometimes guardian of occult wisdom and knowledge , sometimes protector of hidden treasure .

Its symbolism is extremely varied: it can represent spiritual awakening , a potential to be realized , the power of creation or even the transformation of energies... With its flames, it repels everything that can hinder its course and the achievement of its objective . The simple pictorial representation of the dragon can be enough to give rise to a feeling of personal power and internal security.

With this “Dragon Castle” incense burner, you firmly declare your intention to preserve your energy, and to cultivate everything that inspires and strengthens you. As the dragon fiercely protects the castle walls, it will teach you to define your limits, to honor yourself , to realize your value and your potential .

It will also inspire you to let your soul rise to other heavens , to deploy your consciousness to cultivate a richer and more fulfilled perception of existence.

So light a cone or stick of incense , and watch your dragon spit out the white smoke of inner strength and self-realization. You can also meditate with him to nourish the feeling of being protected at all times .

With this “Dragon Castle” incense burner , let yourself be guided by this ancient and powerful master, towards a life ever more aligned with our deep nature...


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Weight: 35g
  • Dimensions: 16 x 11 x 7 cm
  • Incense type: backflow cones, sticks


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