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“Lotus Flower” ceramic incense burner

“Lotus Flower” ceramic incense burner

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🎁 1 box of incense of your choice FREE for each incense burner purchased! Simply add a burner to your cart + a box of incense which will be offered.

With this pretty ceramic “Lotus Flower” incense burner , create an atmosphere conducive to your spiritual development ...

The lotus flower is one of the most popular sacred symbols in the world of wellness and personal development. With its white, pink or purple petals delicately opening towards the sky, it represents in Hindu and Buddhist traditions the deployment of consciousness and the achievement of awakening .

But why this flower in particular for such symbolism? Well, the lotus flower has something special: it unfolds in swamps, dark places that contrast with its grace and beauty. Taking root at the bottom of the dark water, it gradually blossoms above the surface, eventually reaching the light.

The ancients saw it as a wonderful metaphor for healing the mind and spiritual fulfillment . Like the lotus flower , human beings begin their lives in confusion, darkness and ignorance. But, by diligently devoting himself to spiritual practices such as meditation, he ends up lifting himself out of darkness to join the light and flourish.

The lotus flower is a symbol of this spiritual potential buried within us. It is also there to remind us that we can always grow through and beyond adversity . We can always let our consciousness unfold and be enriched with trials rather than closing in on ourselves and diving back into our inner swamps. With commitment and patience, it is possible to overcome everything to find the light.

Welcome this ceramic “Lotus Flower” incense burner into your daily life if you wish to promote healing or to accompany you in a difficult moment. It will also accompany you in all your spiritual practices, from your morning yoga session to your daily meditation.

Diffuse your favorite incense with your “Lotus Flower” incense burner and invite high vibrations into your home…


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Weight: 73g
  • Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 5 cm
  • Types of incense: sticks

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