Ceramic incense burner "Protecting Hand of Buddha"

Ceramic incense burner "Protecting Hand of Buddha"

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Invite into your home an energy of serenity and good fortune , with this superb ceramic “Buddha Hand” incense burner .

The seated Buddha is a very popular spiritual symbol, especially in Asia. In this posture, the Buddha can represent meditation , the teaching of spiritual practices , or the aspiration to achieve enlightenment .

Here, the important presence of the hand of Buddha , the one which grants prosperity and protection , also gives this statuette an energy of good fortune .

So, the seated Buddha here performs the varada mudra with his right hand. This is a hand position signifying charity and the fulfillment of desires . The large hand that envelops it, for its part, performs the karana mudra , which wards off evil forces and bad vibrations .

This incense burner will therefore provide you with protection against negative energies and dangers, while promoting the realization of your wishes .

Light a cone of your favorite incense, place it on the burner, and watch the smoke gently flow alongside Buddha...

If you wish, meditate regularly with him to seek his protection and assistance in achieving your goals . For example, you could imagine the energy of Buddha enveloping you, attracting favorable circumstances to you and repelling any threat.

The strength and serenity of Buddha will accompany you at all times with this ceramic “Buddha Hand” incense burner ...


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Weight: 100g
  • Dimensions: 10 x 9 x 8 cm
  • Types of incense: backflow cones

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