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Ceramic incense burner "Little Monk of Inner Joy"

Ceramic incense burner "Little Monk of Inner Joy"

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This adorable ceramic “Little Monk” incense burner will awaken your inner child and your joy of living .

Buddhist monks are emblematic figures of a spiritual life; a life dedicated to prayer, contemplation and selfless service. We readily imagine them sitting in a meditation posture in a temple, devoting themselves to the study of sacred texts or carrying out arduous maintenance tasks in a monastery.

A seemingly austere image, and yet the monks also experience joy and pleasure ! You just have to watch a documentary about their daily life to understand that play, humor and laughter are also an integral part of their existence. Listen to the oldest monk, he will certainly tell you that a spiritual life is as much about discipline and structure as it is about spontaneity and joy .

Keeping a heart pure and open like that of a child , such is the secret of youthfulness of mind and body! This is a bit like the message of our ceramic “Little Moine” incense burner . It will help you remember that a full life is also a life devoted to self-expression, wonder, and joyful interaction with others.

Light a cone of your favorite incense, place it on the incense holder, and watch the smoke flow alongside the little monk. Meditate on your inner child , the part of you driven by spontaneity, insatiable curiosity, and the urge to explore. The ideal routine to reconnect with the joy of being, cultivating a deep appreciation of existence .


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Weight: 20g
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 cm
  • Types of incense: backflow cones


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