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Suncatcher "Wings of the Soul" in crystal Bird

Suncatcher "Wings of the Soul" in crystal Bird

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Diffuse an energy of pure Light with this crystal sun catcher in the shape of a bird!

The suspended flight of this crystal bird will delight your eyes and your heart. With its majestically spread wings, the bird represents fulfillment, both earthly and spiritual . In his presence, you will be constantly reminded of your own nature and life mission: your soul wishes to evolve and take flight.

By trusting him, that is to say by following your intuition and your deep desires, you too will spread your energetic wings to fully flourish here below, on the earthly plane .

Additionally, nourished by the sun's rays, like this sun catcher, you will be constantly supported and energized to rise to other skies .

This superb sun catcher will diffuse the rays of our beloved star in all directions, warming your home and illuminating your true nature . Made of crystal , symbolizing the purity of divine Light , it will soothe you and inspire you at all times to follow your inner guidance.

At the same time, the transparent bird will make a bridge between the terrestrial world and the subtle worlds . The light captured by this sun catcher will connect you to higher dimensions , where your guides and guardian angels evolve. So draw on its energies to seek the precious advice of your etheric allies...


  • Material: K9 Crystal and metal
  • Weight: approximately 150 g
  • Dimensions: approximately 41 cm

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