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Fairy Crystal “Amazement” Suncatcher

Fairy Crystal “Amazement” Suncatcher

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Invite a little magic into your home with this delightful fairy-shaped crystal sun catcher .

Small beings invisible to the eyes of adults, fairies are nevertheless omnipresent in many cultures... With their colorful wings, their mischievous laughter and their magical powers, they breathe joy and hope everywhere around them.

This fairy crystal sun catcher will maintain joyful energies in your home, encouraging play, humor, sharing and imagination.

Fairies are also guides for human beings, reconnecting them to their inner child but also to their sense of wonder. Life is beautiful and fascinating . Taking the time to appreciate it is essential for a happy existence!

With this fairy crystal suncatcher , take a deep breath of the air that comes in through your open window, and immerse yourself in the contemplation of everything that enchants you. It could be the birds that land on your balcony, a painting given to you by a friend, or the laughter of a loved one.

The energy of fairies also restores our intrinsic link with Nature , inviting us to regenerate through contact with it, but also to preserve it. Also, for example, place this fairy crystal sun catcher in your garden or near your houseplants.

Made of crystal, this fairy-shaped sun catcher will also bathe you in pure light energy , which will connect you to the subtle worlds . In his presence, enter into communication with your guides, but also with the little beings of Nature who populate your garden or your balcony...

Furthermore, the seven colors of this sun catcher, corresponding to the seven chakras of the body, will help to purify and harmonize your energy centers .


  • Material: K9 Crystal and metal
  • Weight: approximately 145 g
  • Dimensions: 47.5 cm long

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