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“Joy of Being Yourself” Suncatcher in Dragonfly crystal

“Joy of Being Yourself” Suncatcher in Dragonfly crystal

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Make room for lightness and flexibility with this pretty dragonfly crystal sun catcher .

Moving through the air with rapid and agile flight, the pretty insect with delicate wings invites us to show flexibility .

In its presence, the mind becomes more flexible , and one is inspired to make the changes necessary for well-being . With this animal, novelty is required, whatever the field!

This crystal suncatcher in the shape of a dragonfly , placed in your interior, will ensure that the energies are always in motion. He will invite you not to stay too long in your comfort zone and to allow yourself to work on the aspects of your life that need to evolve.

In the presence of the dragonfly , you will also demonstrate flexibility of mind . You will be more adaptable to situations and open to new ideas , those that breathe a breath of fresh air into your perceptions of life.

Also invite the dragonfly into your living space for its energy of lightness . It will help you adopt an optimistic point of view, or even show humor in the face of problems that arise in your life. The energy of the animal will magnify moments of pure joy with your loved ones!

Finally, with its iridescent wings and its colorful body, the dragonfly formulates an invitation: that of embracing and accepting its originality . She will encourage you to show your true colors to the world and shine your unique light. With its ravishing rainbow hues, this dragonfly crystal suncatcher will remind you of your unique beauty and encourage you to express it fully.

At the same time, you will benefit from the therapeutic radiation of the entire chromatic spectrum, which will act on your different chakras to purify, open and align them.


  • Material: K9 Crystal and metal
  • Weight: approximately 210 g
  • Dimensions: 15 cm long

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