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Crystal “Powers of the Flower of Life” Suncatcher

Crystal “Powers of the Flower of Life” Suncatcher

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Take advantage of the regenerative energies of the flower of life with this catcher crystal sun flower of life.

An omnipresent motif from one end of the globe to the other and in many traditions, the flower of life is an esoteric symbol in its own right. Between mathematics, sacred geometry and philosophy, it is found in old manuscripts, ancient paintings and in architecture.

But, even more surprisingly, it is also recurrent in nature, appearing for example in the cells or structure of certain plants. Such omnipresence denotes the power of the flower of life , an occult symbol with multiple powers.

By integrating it into your daily life with this crystal sun catcher in the shape of a flower of life , you will benefit from its therapeutic energies at all times. Promoting, for example, cellular regeneration, but also mental vitality, it will sustainably encourage good physical and mental health .

Keep it in your office to center your mind and strengthen your concentration . Or, hang it in your bedroom to help you deeply relax after a long day.

Furthermore, placed in your living room or living space, the flower of life will protect you and your family from negative energies . It will in fact dissipate bad vibrations coming from outside and electromagnetic radiation emitted by everyday technologies.

Combining the regenerative virtues of the flower of life with the magnifying power of crystal, this sun catcher will bathe you in pure light energy at all times. This energy will promote healing , harmony and clarity on all levels, physical and subtle.

Finally, the colorful beads of this flower of life crystal suncatcher will stimulate, cleanse and align your seven chakras . Illuminated by the sun's rays, this superb object will fill you with energy conducive to the vitality of the body, mind and soul .


  • Material: K9 Crystal and metal
  • Weight: approximately 155 g
  • Dimensions: approximately 47.5 cm long
  • Diameter of the flower of life: approximately 9 cm

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