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Adorable Amethyst Heart from Uruguay

Adorable Amethyst Heart from Uruguay

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Invite this adorable amethyst heart from Uruguay into your daily life, with its waves of peace and love...

This high quality gem will care for you on all levels, promoting healing , calming and vitality .

What are the virtues of the amethyst stone?

Keep this adorable Uruguayan amethyst heart with you, or place it prominently in an important room in your home. It will radiate its energies of love, enveloping each member of your household in a healing violet light.

Amethyst is one of the most popular lithotherapy crystals. And not just for its magnificent deep purple inclusions!

This crystal indeed has many healing properties on the body, the mind, and on our individual energies. These virtues are more powerful when the quartz is in its raw state, as with this amethyst heart.

But what are these properties?

First of all, this crystal tends to dissipate negative energies , whether these are present in the aura of a person, or even in a place. Its purifying radiation disperses vibrational pollution, and promotes harmony on all levels.

This lovely cluster of crystals will also be a precious ally in your spiritual practice. Indeed, stimulating the crown chakra and the third eye chakra , it stimulates intuition and psychic abilities , such as clairaudience or clairvoyance.

Meditate with your amethyst heart to improve your concentration and immerse yourself in a pure energy of serenity.

This natural stone amethyst heart will be perfect for purifying the energies of your interior. Place it near an internet box or a computer screen: it will prevent the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation produced by these devices.

Symbol of Love and Peace of the Soul , your amethyst heart will also promote peaceful, happy and tender relationships within your family.

On a mental level, the amethyst stone promotes calm , notably defusing anxieties and fears of all kinds. During a difficult moment, find your serenity in a few minutes by holding your amethyst heart in your hand.

This stone will also help you see things clearly and organize your thoughts. It will also remove internal blockages, encouraging you to follow your heart on a daily basis.

Also place your amethyst heart on your bedside table near your bed, to prevent nightmares and benefit from restful sleep.

Amethyst also has benefits on the physical body. Use to calm headaches and migraines, regulate the nervous system and soothe joint or muscle pain.

This semi-precious stone also stimulates the immune system , protecting you against many diseases and disorders. Finally, mobilize the purifying power of amethyst to dispel the harmful effects of drunkenness.

Recharging amethyst

Wondering how to purify your heart with amethyst ? This pretty little cluster of purple crystals can be purified in different ways.

One of the most used methods is water recharging. To do this, you can immerse your amethyst heart in a container filled with water, immerse it in a small stream, or even leave it in the rain for a few minutes.

To recharge amethyst , you can also call on the power of sound therapy : ring a Tibetan bowl or a pair of cymbals near your stone. Your amethyst heart will regain its loving and healing energies in no time!

How much does amethyst cost?

Are you wondering about the price of amethyst ? Be aware that the latter can vary greatly from one product to another, ranging from €5 for a rolled stone... to €3000 for an amethyst geode !

Several factors influence the price, from the size of the gem to its origin, including the quality and beauty of its inclusions.

If you already know which shape of amethyst suits you (tumbled stone, pebble, pendant, geode or raw stone), we then recommend that you take certain criteria into account before making the purchase.

Therefore, check that your supplier specializing in the sale of minerals offers you an authentic and originally certified stone . Karma Yoga Shop rigorously controls the authenticity of each stone, as well as its origin, thanks to our expert gemologist.

Our gems are made of Uruguayan amethyst , a stone highly appreciated by connoisseurs. Indeed, Uruguayan deposits produce very high quality quartz, with a bright color and powerful vibration.

Your stone and mineral supplier should also maintain a certain ethics in the different spheres of its activity. At Karma Yoga Shop, we ensure that all its employees, direct or indirect, benefit from safe working conditions and a salary commensurate with the work done.

Karma Yoga Shop also takes measures to reduce its environmental impact , for example by selecting natural materials for its packaging. One of our most significant actions in terms of ecology was the relocation of our warehouses to France.

Finally, please know that we take the greatest care in the packaging and transport of our amethyst products. Each item is packaged with increased attention to protection, for a quick and damage-free journey to your landing. And, in the event of a small or big problem, our support team is always available to help you!

So, melt for our adorable Uruguayan amethyst heart , a little crystal full of love.

  • Average weight: 80-120grs
  • Average dimensions: 5x4cm

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