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Apatite Heart

Apatite Heart

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This beautiful apatite heart is for you if you are looking for a calming stone . You can place it in your living room to create a positive and relaxed energy. The shape of the stone, cut into a heart, reinforces the power of apatite which has an effect on the heart and the emotions.

Apatite is known to fluidify the body's energy , it prevents energy from stagnating and by keeping this heart close to you, you feel energized and peaceful.

Associated with the throat chakra , apatite helps you express your emotions, your frustrations and your anger . Thus, negative emotions are released and do not create blockages. This stone helps you let go .

It can also be particularly beneficial to speakers and singers and anyone who works with their voice. You will be able to place this very beautiful stone in your office or in a meeting place, to encourage exchanges and good understanding .

This stone allows people who want to lose weight to reduce the feeling of hunger. Apatite allows you to understand - within the framework of meditation and introspection - the reasons or injuries causing weight gain .

Apatite is a stone of spirituality , it allows you to develop your clairvoyance . It helps you deepen your meditations. It also allows you to see things as they are, which helps you make good decisions.

By its shape, this stone also has a beneficial effect on the heart . It soothes it and can be very beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure, for example.

Each stone is unique, the stone you receive may have slight variations in color and shape.


  • Stone: Apatite
  • Dimensions: 7x6 cm
  • Weight: 80 to 110 g

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