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Black Tourmaline Heart

Black Tourmaline Heart

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Enjoy a galvanizing and protective presence with this black tourmaline heart .

A stone of protection and light through shadows, black tourmaline is the stone to have to get through the darkness. And this, in every sense of the word!

Indeed this stone, with its intense black crossed by a white glow, helps its holder to find their way in the night. Warding off dangers, it protects its owner in the darkest times and places , shining with inexhaustible light. In its presence, calm and clarity of mind are restored to help you navigate any situation, even the most stressful.

Strengthening your anchoring , it helps you develop a pragmatic spirit and a deep feeling of inner security . Are you encountering a challenge or an unexpected event that destabilizes you? Place your black tourmaline heart on your chest, and let it instill courage and strength in you to face difficulties.

At the end of the tunnel, you will see a halo of hope shining that will urge you to simply move forward, step by step. With its effect on the root chakra , the stone will ensure that you have the inner resources to overcome every obstacle . But also, to achieve your goals , whether personal or professional.

In any case, know that you will be protected at all times by the beautiful dark crystal. Black tourmaline is indeed renowned for its ability to dissipate bad energies . So let your black tourmaline heart neutralize the energetic pollution trapped in your subtle bodies , but also all around you.

Its purifying effect will extend to your own heart. The stone will remove emotional blockages and stagnant energies , to promote courage, optimism and the circulation of loving energies.

Karma Yoga Shop strives to offer you quality products that respect the Earth. Also, we only work with suppliers who are passionate about lithotherapy and have verified ethical approaches.


  • Stone: Black Tourmaline
  • Weight: 150g
  • Dimensions: 6x6 cm

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