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“Spiritual Growth” Necklace and Pendant in Labradorite and 925 Silver

“Spiritual Growth” Necklace and Pendant in Labradorite and 925 Silver

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Let the magic of labradorite guide you every day with this superb “Spiritual Growth” necklace and pendant in Labradorite and 925 Silver .

Labradorite is a stone recognized in the world of crystals for its protective powers . Keeping away negative energies like a shield, it maintains the well-being of its owner in all circumstances.

Beneficial, this stone with iridescent reflections also soothes physical and emotional ailments . It replaces imbalances with harmony, thus promoting well-being on all levels.

In particular, call on it to relieve sorrow or get rid of feelings of fear and worry . With its comforting energy and colorful bursts, it will give you confidence in a bright future.

Labradorite is a stone of choice for healers, therapists and anyone in a helping-based profession.

Indeed, its protective powers make it possible to protect against the heavy energies inherent in these activities, while administering the best care or delivering the best possible service.

You should also know that labradorite vibratorily corresponds to the third eye chakra , the center of accurate perception and extrasensory faculties.

With this labradorite necklace , invite magic into your daily life by connecting you to the invisible and mysterious aspects of existence. The stone will direct you on the path of spiritual evolution by promoting a rich and intuitive perception of the world ...

Karma Yoga Shop is committed to observing an ethical approach , both on a human and environmental level, in the making and distribution of its jewelry. This, while guaranteeing excellent quality for each product!


  • Stone: Labradorite
  • Material: 925 silver
  • Weight: approximately 29 g
  • Dimensions: 4cm
  • Chain length: about 46cm

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