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“Grace of the Horse” Necklace in Black Obsidian

“Grace of the Horse” Necklace in Black Obsidian

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Adopt the grace of the Horse with this superb black obsidian necklace ...

A discipline at the crossroads of science and spirituality, Chinese astrology is a formidable tool for self-discovery.

Just like Western astrology, Chinese astrology is based, among other things, on a zodiac, also made up of 12 signs. Likewise, each sign has its own characteristics. Unlike our zodiac, however, signs are assigned according to the year of birth instead of the month.

Thus, the Horse , elegant and graceful , has the years 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 and 2014. If you are of this sign, you certainly have a pronounced taste for adventure. You go through life with grace and independence, and never stop exploring your world!

By wearing this superb black obsidian necklace , you surround yourself with the energy of the Horse at all times. At your side, the latter will help you to continue your adventurous path with confidence, and to demonstrate mental flexibility in the face of difficulties.

In addition, with its action on the root chakra , black obsidian will balance this volatile energy by helping you maintain your grounding .

Karma Yoga Shop wants to offer you quality products that are also good for the planet. All our activity, and that of our employees, is driven by a principle of ethics both on a human and environmental level.


  • Stone: Black Obsidian
  • Material: Cord
  • Weight: approximately 35 g
  • Pendant dimensions: 4.85 x 3.5 x 9 cm
  • Necklace length: adjustable from 52 to 72 cm

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