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“Joy of the Monkey” Necklace in Black Obsidian

“Joy of the Monkey” Necklace in Black Obsidian

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Invoke the ingenuity of the Monkey, your Chinese zodiac sign, with this black obsidian necklace ...

An ancient and sacred discipline, Chinese astrology is based on a subtle balance between science and spirituality. With its help, it is possible to cultivate a better understanding of oneself and the world, particularly through the signs of the Chinese zodiac.

As in Western astrology, Chinese astrology includes twelve signs, each with their own characteristics. However, unlike the first, the second attributes a sign not according to the month, but according to the year of birth.

Thus, the Monkey , ingenious and cheerful, is associated with the years 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 and 2016.

People born to the Monkey naturally demonstrate a remarkable creative spirit in all circumstances. They approach the worst difficulties with optimism, like a puzzle to be solved, and never give in to fate. They are a real concentrate of joie de vivre. Invite a Monkey to a dinner with friends, you will have entertainment for the whole evening!

With this black obsidian necklace , let the energy of the Monkey guide you in all situations. This powerful sign will awaken your natural creativity, but also your sense of humor, to turn every situation to your advantage.

In addition, acting on the root chakra , black obsidian will also give you the courage to face trials, while magnifying the joys of everyday life.

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  • Stone: Black Obsidian
  • Material: Cord
  • Weight: approximately 35 g
  • Pendant dimensions: 4.85 x 3.5 x 9 cm
  • Necklace length: adjustable from 52 to 72 cm

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