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“Luminous Labradorite” necklace

“Luminous Labradorite” necklace

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Adorn yourself with a mysterious and protective energy with this magnificent “Luminous Labradorite” necklace in labradorite ...

With its iridescent reflections running through its dark crystal, labradorite is undoubtedly a stone with a magical aura . Always known as a protective crystal , it is used as an amulet to dispel evils, repel negative energies and prevent dangers.

So put this superb pendant around your neck to feel protected in all circumstances . Its colorful flashes will ward off harmful influences around you, whether they come from your surroundings or the places you frequent.

A peerless healing stone , labradorite can also be used to soothe pain, promote tissue regeneration or cure illness. Its vibration of harmony allows the body to regain its natural state of homeostasis and vitality.

A balancing vibration that also promotes well-being on an emotional and mental level : labradorite will help you feel calm and centered at all times. Hold her against you in times of strong emotions, especially in the face of fear or anxiety; it will regulate these intense feelings in a few moments.

The protective and therapeutic energy of labradorite makes it an ideal ally for healers, energy therapists and anyone practicing in the fields of therapy. Wear this labradorite necklace during your session or consultation to effectively contribute to the well-being of your patient, while preserving your own energies.

Labradorite is also a stone of intuition and subtle worlds . Its mysterious shimmer echoes the invisible aspects of life, everything that we can feel without necessarily seeing. This labradorite necklace will help you connect with your inner guidance, channel the presence of your guides, or even let the Universe guide you on your life path.

Magnify your energy with this labradorite necklace, as fascinating as it is beneficial...

At Karma Yoga Shop, our dearest wish is to accompany you towards a more beautiful and more balanced life. We therefore do everything in place to provide you with products that are both beautiful and beneficial, in every way. We therefore work with partners who share these values, prioritizing human and environmental ethics , but also quality for each piece of jewelry.


  • Stone: Labradorite
  • Material: 925 silver
  • Weight of the pendant: approximately 19 g
  • Total weight: approximately 25 g
  • Chain length: approx. 40 + 5 cm
  • Dimensions of the pendant: approximately 10.5 mm

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