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“Luck and Transformation” backflow incense cones with Palo Santo

“Luck and Transformation” backflow incense cones with Palo Santo

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Let yourself be transported by the subtle and exotic scent of this natural Indian incense scented with Palo Santo which means “sacred wood” in Spanish. This tree native to South America is renowned for its numerous virtues on the body and mind.

Used by Inca shamans during rituals to attract luck and ward off negativity, Paolo Santé also promotes communication with divine energy . This sacred tree is believed to have many virtues: it has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and hypotensive effect, meaning it promotes relaxation and sleep.

Backflow incense cones are pierced at the base. By a suction phenomenon, the smoke is released from the bottom of the cone . These cones should only be used with suitable incense holders.

Goloka is a popular brand of incense sticks and cones located in Bangalore, a city in southern India, known for its incense craftsmanship. The incense is made by hand, respecting age-old traditions. Profits from this business are donated to charity for underprivileged children . You therefore benefit from all the benefits of a product which has been made by hand, with love and whose purchase has a positive influence on the community which produces it.


  • Airtight box of 18 cones
  • Designed entirely by hand, these 100% natural “Backflow” incense cones
  • Made in India in the city of Bangalore
  • Fair trade incense
  • Aromatic raw materials meeting IFRA standards
  • Incense not tested on animals

Please note: These “Backflow” incense cones only work with the “Backflow” incense holders provided for this purpose.

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