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“Relaxation and Purification” incense cones with Nag Champa

“Relaxation and Purification” incense cones with Nag Champa

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Light a Nag Champa incense cone and let yourself be transported by its subtle and captivating fragrance which is the result of the alliance of 160 aromatic products , including the yellow flower .

In India, Champaka incense is used in ceremonies honoring Ganesh , the elephant god who helps overcome obstacles. You will appreciate the relaxing and purifying virtues of this Nag Champa incense.

Goloka's Nag Champa fragrance is very gentle , which is why it is very popular with meditators . The absence of a wooden stick allows the release of a purer and more authentic fragrance.

Goloka is a popular brand of incense sticks and cones located in Bangalore, the incense capital of India . The cones are made by hand, respecting age-old traditions. Profits from this business are donated to children's charities .

You therefore get all the benefits of a product that has been made by hand, with love and authenticity, and whose purchase has a positive influence on the community that produces it.


  • Airtight box of 10 cones
  • Made in India in the city of Bangalore
  • Fair Trade Incense
  • Aromatic raw materials meeting IFRA standards
  • Incense not tested on animals

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