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Cube “Purification of Energy” in polished Shungite

Cube “Purification of Energy” in polished Shungite

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To dissipate bad vibrations in your interior, this polished shungite cube will be your best ally!

Invite the purifying energies of shungite into your living space, with this powerful shungite cube . This intense black stone is renowned for its unrivaled cleansing properties. Absorbing bad energies , it is the stone of protection and purification par excellence: it restores energetic harmony in any space in which it is placed.

Shungite is particularly effective in neutralizing electro-magnetic radiation emitted by everyday technologies. For example, it dissipates the harmful effects of 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi networks and electrical antennas, which are the cause of many physical and emotional disorders (fatigue, anxiety, depression, fertility problems, etc.).

Place this polished shungite cube on your internet box or near your desktop computer to dissipate their harmful radiation. You can also leave it on a corner of your bedside table to promote better sleep , or on a shelf in the living room to maintain a high vibration rate .

In addition, mainly composed of carbon, an essential material for life, shungite promotes well-being on all levels. For example, it supports the purification organs such as the liver, kidneys and lungs, while strengthening the immune system .

On a mental level, it disperses inner fog to make way for clear and fluid ideas , which makes it an excellent support for strengthening concentration. So place this shungite cube in your workspace, where you need all your focus.

Furthermore, harmonizing Yin and Yang energies, shungite supports the balance between receptivity and activity . Placed in your living space, this shungite cube will help you find the right balance between rest and contemplation on one side, and action and pragmatic thinking on the other.

Shungite is a highly sought-after stone; it is not easy to get quality shungite at a good price. However, thanks to our expert gemologist, we provide you with authentic and qualitative shungite, at an affordable price ! Our shungite comes from a mine located in Karelia (Russia). Its superior quality is explained by its high carbon content (more than 50%).


  • Stone: Shungite
  • Weight: approximately 350 g
  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5 cm

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