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Amethyst geode from Uruguay

Amethyst geode from Uruguay

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Brighten up your interior with this superb high quality Uruguayan amethyst geode .

This fascinating mineral formation will delight your eyes with its purple inclusions and fill your home with good vibrations, conducive to healing and well-being.

What are the virtues of amethyst geode?

From the quartz family, the amethyst stone has many properties. It is even among the most popular stones and crystals in the world of lithotherapy because its benefits are so numerous.

An amethyst geode is the raw version of the beautiful purple crystal. It will therefore diffuse an even more powerful energy, close to its vibration in its natural state. You will thus benefit even better from the virtues of quartz.

Vibrationally, your amethyst geode will help dissipate negative energies present in a home. For example, it will neutralize bad waves generated by screens, internet boxes and harmful radiation from 4G and 5G networks.

Your amethyst geode will accompany you in your spiritual life thanks to its action on the coronal chakra , the center of connection to the Divine and higher knowledge. It stimulates your psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, and will increase your concentration during meditation.

Also acting on the third eye chakra , this magnificent cluster of purple crystals will awaken your intuition , to evolve in life with confidence and grace.

On a mental level, this mineral of inner peace and mental clarity will promote appeasement , serenity and dissipate fears and anxieties . Keep it in the living room to feel deeply relaxed after a long day.

Placed in the bedroom, your amethyst geode will promote relaxation before sleeping, protect you against nightmares , and promote good sleep .

Its size makes it a perfect decorative element to place on a tall piece of furniture, a side table or even a server. So you can admire it at your leisure while enjoying its good vibes.

Finally, for the physical body, the amethyst geode will also work wonders. It will catalyze the healing of certain conditions such as colds, and soothe headaches. It will also boost the immune system, protecting you against many diseases.

How to purify an amethyst geode?

For the purification and recharging of an amethyst geode , there are several methods.

The simplest and most effective is water purification. Simply immerse your amethyst geode in a bowl or tub of water for a few minutes, then let it air dry.

You can also recharge the energies of your amethyst geode with the smoke of incense or sage . To do this, light your fumigation stick, and blow the smoke towards your geode. The scented cloud is loaded with good energies which will purify your mineral of all its energetic pollution.

Where to find an amethyst geode?

If you are wondering where to buy a quality amethyst geode , know that certain essential criteria must be taken into account.

First make sure your seller is offering genuine, originally certified amethyst. At Karma Yoga Shop, for example, the amethyst comes directly from Uruguay , a region renowned for its excellent quality minerals.

Uruguayan amethyst is one of the most appreciated amethysts, as much for the beauty of its crystals as for its powerful and therapeutic violet radiance.

Our expert gemologist checks the value and authenticity of our geodes. We thus guarantee you a natural stone, charged with high energies, and therefore with preserved virtues.

Another element to consider when choosing the right amethyst geode: the ethics of your supplier specializing in the sale of minerals. Karma Yoga Shop strives to ensure that its activity is part of an approach that respects people and the environment. And this, throughout its entire production chain.

Our employees provide their employees with fair working conditions and wages, and strive to reduce their environmental impact as much as possible.

For our part, we favor natural materials for our packaging. We have also relocated our activity to France, to reduce CO2 emissions generated by transport.

Finally, please know that we take the greatest care in the packaging and transport of our geodes. Each amethyst geode is packaged so that it is protected from any shock or damage during the journey to your door. And, in the event of a problem, our support team is always available to help!

So, invite this beautiful amethyst geode from Uruguay into your home, and let it do you good every day!

  • Average weight: 600grs
  • Average dimensions: 9x6x7cm

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