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Spherical geode in Amethyst from Uruguay

Spherical geode in Amethyst from Uruguay

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This superb spherical amethyst geode from Uruguay will add a touch of magic to your interior, while radiating its beneficial energy.

With its many virtues , this crystal will take care of you in several ways... Find out how!

What virtues does an amethyst geode have?

Amethyst is one of the most popular lithotherapy stones and crystals. For what ? Because of its countless benefits on the body and mind! In the form of a geode, its raw version, you will benefit even more from its energies, because the stone is as close as possible to its natural state.

Its spherical shape, moreover, will allow a harmonious diffusion of the energies of the stone in its environment.

First, on a vibrational level, a spherical amethyst geode from Uruguay will dissipate the negative energies present in the aura. In doing so, it will neutralize the harmful effects of these energies on the physical body and the mind.

An amethyst geode will also accompany you in your spiritual practice . During meditation , its energy will help you strengthen your concentration, and dive deeper into a state of relaxation. In addition, acting on the crown chakra , this quartz will awaken your intuition and your psychic abilities .

On a psychological level, this pretty cluster of purple crystals will act as a natural calming agent. Its gentle vibration will dispel fears and anxieties , helping you regain your serenity . Stone of clarity of mind , it will also help you sort through your thoughts, and is said to be very effective in mitigating the effects of drunkenness.

An amethyst geode also has virtues on the body. Rest next to it if you suffer from headaches : its purple radiance will instantly relieve migraines, headaches and other tensions. Amethyst also stimulates the immune system, strengthening the body's natural barriers, and regulates the nervous system, promoting relaxation.

Thanks to its spherical shape, you can also use this geode to recharge your other crystals. All you have to do is place your favorite stones inside your geode; the latter will be responsible for purifying and recharging their energies!

How to purify an amethyst geode?

To purify an amethyst geode and recharge its energies, several options are available to you.

For example, you can use the water recharging method. To do this, immerse your geode in a tank or bowl of water for a few moments. Then let your crystal air dry.

Another method is to use the power of sound to cleanse the energies of your amethyst geode. Ring a Tibetan bowl or cymbals near your geode, and let the sound dissipate its pollution and negative energies.

How much does an amethyst geode cost?

Are you wondering about the price of an amethyst geode ? The latter can vary greatly from one product to another, ranging from €30 to...€3000! Several factors help explain this variety of prices, from the size of the geode to its origin, including the quality of its crystalline inclusions.

If you already have an idea of ​​the ideal geode size for you, the important thing now is to pay attention to the quality of the stone you want to purchase. For this, a few criteria must be taken into account.

First check that your supplier specializing in the sale of minerals offers you an authentic stone, originally certified . At Karma Yoga Shop, for example, our expert gemologist rigorously controls the authenticity of each stone, as well as its origin.

Our geodes are made of amethyst from Uruguay , a stone highly appreciated by connoisseurs. Indeed, Uruguayan deposits provide excellent quality quartz, with vibrant color and powerful energy. This explains their price range located in the upper bracket, but still affordable because we want the power of the stones to be accessible to everyone.

Also make sure that your stone and mineral supplier cultivates a certain ethics in the different aspects of its activity. Karma Yoga Shop ensures that all its employees, direct or indirect, benefit from safe working conditions and a fair salary.

We also implement measures to minimize our environmental impact, for example by choosing natural materials for our packaging. One of our most significant actions in terms of environmental protection was the relocation of our warehouses to France, to ensure both less polluting and faster delivery of our products.

Finally, please know that we take the greatest care in the packaging and transport of our amethyst geodes . Each geode is prepared and packaged with care, to be protected from any shock or damage during the journey to your landing. And, in the event of a problem, our support team is always available to help!

So, go for our spherical amethyst geode from Uruguay , full of good vibes!

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