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Large Amethyst Heart from Uruguay

Large Amethyst Heart from Uruguay

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With this large amethyst heart from Uruguay, a high quality stone, breathe an energy of love and peace into your daily life.

Amethyst will take care of you in many ways...

The meaning and virtues of amethyst

As you look at this superb quartz, you may wonder what the meaning of amethyst is.

With its purple color and its soothing energy, it is a highly spiritual stone , always appreciated by wise people and mystics. A symbol of purity of spirit , it was for example used by the ancient Greeks as a stone of knowledge, but also to dispel drunkenness.

Its purple radiance awakens the crown chakra and resonates with the occult dimension of existence. Stimulating intuition, it helps the human mind to connect to broader, sacred knowledge and to open perceptions. It is also a valuable aid in strengthening psychic abilities such as clairvoyance.

Thus, this amethyst heart from Uruguay will accompany you in your own spiritual practice. For example, you can meditate in his presence, to deepen the meditative state and strengthen concentration.

On a vibrational level, your amethyst heart will dissipate negative energies of all kinds, especially since it is composed of raw amethyst, therefore as close as possible to its natural vibration.

Placed near your internet box, a router or a computer screen, your amethyst heart will reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Symbol of Love and Purity of the Soul, it will also promote harmony in your home by neutralizing the energies of anger or sadness. This, while adding a magnificent natural and colorful touch to your decoration thanks to its sparkling inclusions!

On a mental level, amethyst generates a state of serenity . It is to be requested for the relief of mental tensions, stress and anxiety. Stone of clarity, it also helps to sort through one's thoughts. At the end of a stressful day, rest close to your amethyst heart to find your inner peace.

Amethyst also has virtues on the physical body : its purification energy promotes healing by supporting the evacuation of toxins. It also stimulates the immune system and regulates the nervous system, facilitating relaxation.

Recharging amethyst

Would you like to know how to purify your amethyst ? This lovely cluster of purple crystals can be cleansed in a variety of ways.

One of the most used techniques is water reloading. To do this, simply immerse your amethyst heart in a container filled with water. You can also immerse it in a stream or river: Mother Nature will purify it in no time!

For recharging amethyst , why not mobilize the powers of sound therapy ? To do this, ring a Tibetan bowl near your gem. Its energies of love and peace will be restored in moments.

How much does amethyst cost?

Are you wondering about the price of amethyst ? The latter can vary greatly from one product to another, ranging from €5 for a rolled stone... to €3000 for an amethyst geode !

Several factors can influence the cost of the stone, from its size to its origin, including its quality and the beauty of its crystals.

Do you already know what form of amethyst you want to acquire? The next step is to pay attention to certain elements before making a purchase.

So, first check that your mineral sales specialist is offering you a natural stone, with verified origin . Karma Yoga Shop, for example, rigorously controls the authenticity of each stone, as well as its origin with the help of our expert gemologist.

Our products are all made of Uruguayan amethyst , a mineral highly prized by lithotherapy enthusiasts. Indeed, Uruguayan deposits provide qualitative quartz, with a lively hue and powerful vibration.

Furthermore, make sure that your stone and mineral supplier also cultivates a certain ethics in the different facets of its activity. Karma Yoga Shop works to ensure that all its employees benefit from safe working conditions and a fair salary.

We also take measures to reduce our impact on the environment, for example by preferring natural materials for our packaging. The relocation of our warehouses to France constitutes one of our most recent and significant actions in terms of ecology.

Finally, please know that we pay the greatest attention to the packaging and transport of our amethyst hearts, druses and geodes. Each object is packaged with care, to ensure a damage-free and rapid journey to you. And, in the event of a small or big problem, our support team is always here to help.

So, let yourself be cuddled by the energy of our big amethyst heart from Uruguay .

  • Average weight: 500grs
  • Average dimensions: 2x10x10cm

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