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Gua Sha - Obsidian

Gua Sha - Obsidian

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Restore firmness and vitality to your skin with this obsidian gua sha stone .

Thanks to the ancestral technique of stone massage, you reduce the signs of aging, while cultivating a radiant complexion.

The benefits of Obsidian Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a method from traditional Chinese medicine. Its operation is quite simple: by gently rubbing a flat stone against the skin, you stimulate the meridians (or energy channels), but also blood and lymphatic circulation.

Stimulating fluids in this way supports the skin in its detoxification and healing processes. An obsidian gua sha stone will help you reduce imperfections of all kinds, from clogged pores to nasty pimples. It will also work wonders to gently heal skin problems such as eczema, shingles and even acne.

Furthermore, the gua sha stone massage promotes relaxation of the facial muscles. It therefore prevents premature skin aging, most often linked to tension and fatigue.

Natural anti-aging used for several centuries, it is a valuable aid in reducing fine lines and wrinkles . Use it to combat expression lines as well as bags and dark circles. Perfect for helping the dermis maintain all its firmness and elasticity.

By massaging yourself with a gua sha stone, you also stimulate cell regeneration . For skin radiant with vitality. It also improves hydration by facilitating the absorption of your moisturizer, anti-wrinkle serum or even argan oil.

Obsidian is a stone of vitality, regeneration and protection . It will support your skin in its renewal process, while protecting it from external aggressions. In addition, in contact with this stone, you will be surrounded by a powerful energy shield which will protect you against all negative energies.

Each gua sha stone is polished and cut by hand. With its ergonomic shape, it makes it easy to hold, for a relaxing treatment session from start to finish.

This obsidian gua sha stone is suitable for all skin types.

Using Obsidian Gua Sha

To properly use your obsidian gua sha stone , simply follow the few steps below.

First slide the stone from the top of the neck to below the ears. Do the same, this time starting from the chin. Then, slide the stone from the bottom of the lips to the lobes. Repeat the same movement, this time starting from your nostrils, to the middle of the ears.

Gently massage the area under the eyes, around dark circles and bags, using small circular movements. Slide the stone along your eyebrows starting from the middle.

Next, massage your forehead, initiating the movement from the top of the nose, to the top of the head, then to the temples. Finally, contour the entire face starting from the neck to the forehead.

Repeat these steps between 3 and 5 times per session, and perform this massage 2 or 3 times per week.


  • Stone: Obsidian
  • Dimensions: 115x35mm
  • Box dimensions: 11x7.7x2.5cm
  • Box weight: 100grs

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