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Kit of 5 stones “Attraction of Love”

Kit of 5 stones “Attraction of Love”

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Nourish love in your life with this kit of 5 “Attraction of Love” stones including a rose quartz , a rhodochrosite, a rainbow moonstone, a malachite and a garnet.

With their unique vibration, each in their own way, these stones will help attract or strengthen the love around you .

So, with its adorable pale pink hue, rose quartz is a stone of the higher heart chakra, the place of Compassion and Divine Love . Its gentle and maternal vibration will envelop you in a feeling of well-being in all circumstances , like a mother's hug. If you are single and looking for a stable and lasting relationship, rose quartz will also help you attract the ideal partner.

Rhodochrosite , for its part, is a stone of emotional healing . Its intense pink energy will be applied like an ointment to your inner wounds and to the wounds of the heart. Let it help you digest your past experiences to open yourself up again to love , whether romantic or friendly. Rhodochrosite will also invite you to bring tenderness and gentleness to all your existing relationships.

With the moonstone , you will invoke a superior energy of Love, that of the sacred Feminine . The iridescent reflections of this superb crystal will stimulate your crown chakra to help you channel the presence and guidance of the Cosmic Mother.

Stone of the heart chakra par excellence, connected to the therapeutic and growth energies of Nature, malachite will invite you to approach your relationships with patience and involvement . It will make you see each connection as a magnificent plant that requires above all your care, love and attention to flourish.

Garnet , finally, is a stone of passion and inner fire . Invite him into your life as a couple, he will light the spark and maintain the fire of desire . Call on him to reconnect with your other half on all levels.

Use these stones separately or together to grow love every day. Take them with you by keeping them in your pocket or purse, especially during a special moment with a special someone, whether it's a date, a family dinner or a drink with friends.

Karma Yoga Shop stones combine respect and quality . With the help of our expert gemologist, we select authentic stones, collected and worked in ethical conditions for both humans and the environment .

Your tumbled stones don't look exactly like those presented in store? This is normal, each stone is unique and therefore has a particular appearance.


  • Weight per stone: approximately 20 g
  • Size of a stone: 2-3 cm
  • Organic fabric pouch

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