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Kit of 5 stones “Increase my Creativity”

Kit of 5 stones “Increase my Creativity”

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Thanks to this kit of 5 “Increase my Creativity” stones , boost your creative energy in just a few moments!

Creativity is not just about giving shape to magnificent paintings or moving stories. It also means showing imagination in the face of the big and small challenges of daily life.

When the creativity muscle is well developed, we are more open to new ways of thinking. This not only allows us to express ourselves in an inventive way , for example through an artistic medium, but also to find effective solutions to our problems, and new ways to achieve our goals.

In this kit we have collected the stones most appreciated for their ability to increase creativity. Indeed, their unique vibration tends to promote the circulation of creative forces within us , but also their expression.

Thus, orange calcite , firstly, will stimulate the sacral chakra , the center of creative and sexual energies. By awakening this chakra, it will allow a continuous flow of these creative forces throughout the being , which will find their expression in ideas of genius, sudden inspirations and new concepts.

With its action on the root chakra , garnet will strengthen your connection to the Earth, and therefore to the fundamental forces of creation . It will promote a feeling of internal security, as well as good physical and mental vitality, essential elements for deploying one's creativity.

Ametrine is a unique stone: a mixture of amethyst and citrine , it stimulates both the centers of personal power and inspiration . Indeed, acting on both the solar plexus chakra and the crown chakra , it allows you to channel ideas from higher consciousness, but also to give substance to these ideas in matter.

Chalcedony , for its part, is a harmonizing stone that helps restore balance between body, mind and soul . In doing so, it allows information to flow better within you. Its energy is particularly beneficial for strengthening thinking and mentally developing a concept during a creative phase.

Finally, thanks to its direct effect on the throat chakra , sodalite will facilitate personal expression and the circulation of creative forces . Ideal for overcoming shyness, it will help you make your most beautiful voice heard, literally and metaphorically, for example through an artistic discipline.

To use your stones for creativity , you can first take them everywhere with you by slipping them into your pocket or handbag. Call on one or more stones at a time, depending on their particular energy and your specific needs.

You can also apply them directly to yourself to benefit from their beneficial energy. To do this, lie down and place them at their corresponding chakra. Then, breathing deeply, imagine their waves acting on your chakras and stimulating the creative energies that vibrate within you .

Karma Yoga Shop stones combine respect and quality . With the help of our expert gemologist, we choose authentic stones, extracted and worked in ethical conditions for humans and the environment.

Your tumbled stones don't quite look like those presented on our site? This is normal, each stone is particular and therefore has a unique appearance. Their virtues, on the other hand, remain the same!


  • Stones: Orange Calcite, Garnet, Ametrine, Chalcedony, Sodalite
  • Weight per stone: approximately 20 g
  • Size of a stone: 2-3 cm
  • Organic fabric pouch

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