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Kit of 5 stones “Increase my libido”

Kit of 5 stones “Increase my libido”

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Awaken desire with this kit of 5 stones “Increase my libido” composed of a carnelian, an orange calcite, a garnet, a sunstone and a smoky quartz.

Let these crystals boost your libido , each in its own way with its particular vibration.

Carnelian , acting on the sacral chakra, center of sexuality and creativity, will help you become aware of your desire and nourish it . It will be perfect for igniting and maintaining passion within the couple .

Orange calcite , for its part, will be perfect for overcoming limiting patterns linked to sexuality . Shame and guilt will dissipate to make way for a healthy perception of sex.

Garnet vibrates with passionate energy : its mere presence is enough to strengthen physical attraction and promotes harmony between partners . It will help you listen to your desires, as well as the desires of your darling.

Sunstone is a stone of masculine energy, active and extroverted . It will be perfect for overcoming inhibitions, while stimulating the sacral chakra for fulfilled sexuality . It will also invite you to get creative in bed ...

Smoky quartz , finally, vibrates with a more “inner” energy , conducive to the exploration of traumas and blockages linked to sexuality. Use it to heal shame wounds associated with sex . It will also guide you in an open exploration of your desires, to familiarize yourself with your animal, instinctive part buried within you.

To properly use these stones for libido and benefit from their benefits, slip one or two under the pillow when you are with your lover, or place them in a bowl on your bedside table. You can also place them on your lower abdomen to allow them to act effectively on the sacral chakra.

Karma Yoga Shop stones combine ethics and quality . Thanks to our expert gemologist, we select authentic and qualitative stones. Their extraction and polishing are carried out in conditions that are respectful of humans and the environment .


  • Weight per stone: approximately 20 g
  • Size of a stone: 2-3 cm
  • Organic fabric pouch

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