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Kit of 5 “Self-healing” stones

Kit of 5 “Self-healing” stones

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Find radiant health with this kit of 5 “Self-healing” stones composed of a rock crystal, an amethyst, a malachite, a smoky quartz and a rhodonite.

The five stones collected in this kit are renowned for their powerful healing powers . Each in their own way, they will accompany you on the path to well-being by restoring harmony on the physical, emotional and vibrational levels.

Thus, with its energy of pure light, rock crystal will dissipate physical and psychological ailments. Use it in particular to boost the immune system and support the body's detoxification processes. Vibrationally, it will neutralize all energetic disturbances present in your aura.

Amethyst promotes hormone production and stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and endocrine glands for optimal performance. It supports blood oxygenation, and acts positively on the digestive system, heart and skin. It is also ideal for relieving joint pain and headaches. Also use violet quartz to calm stress and anxiety .

Malachite , for its part, is a stone of regeneration and growth . Crystallizing the renewing forces of Mother Nature, it will be perfect for stimulating cellular renewal after an injury. Also use it to soothe menstrual pain and ensure a healthy pregnancy. Green stone is also an excellent support for the lungs and respiratory system. Emotionally, this heart chakra stone will help you tap into this center of compassion and inner peace at all times.

Naturally irradiated, smoky quartz is ideal for countering the negative effects of radiation, such as sunburn, exposure to radioactive agents or chemotherapy. It is also perfect for relieving muscle pain and tension. On an emotional level, it will soothe fear, stress and anxiety , while dissipating negative energies present in the vibrational bodies.

Rhodonite is an emotional healing stone . Use it to recover from old wounds, traumas and difficult experiences especially caused by past relationships. This heart stone will also support good heart health, as well as optimal blood circulation. Also call on her to treat wounds, sores and stings. On an emotional level, its tender energy will envelop you in love and well-being.

To benefit from their powers, you can use these stones for healing separately or all together. An excellent method is to place one or more stones on the diseased, injured or tense area of ​​the body and leave them to act for a few minutes. If you wish, imagine their energy penetrating your body and restoring harmony to all planes.

Our stones combine ethics and quality . With the help of our expert gemologist, we select authentic and quality crystals. Their extraction and polishing are carried out in conditions that are as respectful as possible of humans and the environment .

Your tumbled stones are not exactly identical to those presented in store? It's normal ! Each stone is unique and therefore has its own appearance.


  • Weight per stone: approximately 20 g
  • Size of a stone: 2-3 cm
  • Organic fabric pouch

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