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Kit of 5 “Trust in Me” stones

Kit of 5 “Trust in Me” stones

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Boost your inner security with this kit of 5 “Trust in Me” stones , composed of sunstone, hematite, blue chalcedony, amethyst and carnelian .

For this kit, we have brought together the lithotherapy stones best suited to help you gain self-confidence . Each in their own way, these crystals will accompany you every day, supporting you with their comforting energy.

So, sunstone , first of all, is the stone of masculine energy, that is, the energy of action, creation and forward movement . Radiating its orange and warm vibration, this crystal strengthens courage and awakens the desire to move towards one's dreams. She will always make you see the possibilities despite the difficulties; a luminous horizon will stretch before you, even in the middle of a storm.

Hematite acts on the root chakra . By stimulating this energy center, it connects the entire being to the Earth and its reassuring forces . With this stone, we feel enveloped by the protective energy of Gaia. The root chakra being the center of vital energy, its good health promotes tone and endurance. It is also the place of pragmatism: stimulated by hematite, the root chakra encourages “down to earth” and confident thinking.

Blue chalcedony , for its part, will give you self-confidence in a more tender way . Connected to the throat chakra, the center of personal expression, it will gently remind you that your words are legitimate, and even important. In his presence, it will be easier to overcome shyness, for example when speaking in public or, for artists, when performing on stage!

Amethyst will encourage you with mystical energy . Soothing and clarifying, it will promote clarity of mind and intellectual faculties. Concentration, analysis and memory will be invigorated. At the same time, resonating with the crown chakra, amethyst will help you seek protection and guidance from higher planes, which will strengthen your self-confidence in all circumstances.

Finally, carnelian will boost your self-confidence thanks to its bright orange radiance , reminiscent of the promising light of dawn. Its action on the sacral chakra, in particular, will awaken your sexual and creative energy. She will therefore help you gain confidence in bed and in any activity requiring your inventiveness!

The great thing about this kit is that you can use it in multiple ways. Take all the stones for the full effect, or select two or three crystals for their specific energies. It's up to you to connect with your intuition to determine which stones will be most useful to you today.

Karma Yoga Shop stones combine ethics and quality . With the help of our expert gemologist, we select authentic stones, extracted and worked in fair conditions for humans and the environment.

Your tumbled stones don't look exactly like those presented in store? This is normal, each stone is unique and therefore has its own appearance!


  • Weight per stone: approximately 20 g
  • Size of a stone: 2-3 cm
  • Organic fabric pouch

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